#904 - Names

I've started a new Bible reading plan. Today I read Ezra 2, Psalm 2, and Matthew 1 & 2. Do you know what Ezra 2 and Matthew 1 have in common? Names...lots of them! Anytime I come to a list of names in the Bible part of me says, "Oh, here we go!" But The Lord is always quick to remind me that each name has been included for a reason. 

Today he used the list of names to encourage me that He knows our sweet girl's name. She's not just a number in the CPS database, but she is a child made in God's image. And He loves her. He has a plan and purpose for her life. 

I'll be honest, last week was a bit difficult for us. We found out our days with her are numbered. The chances of us getting to adopt her are pretty slim. That was hard news to swallow. But, it's the risk we were called to take. Does it make it any easier? Absolutely not! Is God still in control? Absolutely! And all we can do is trust the God who knows her name! I am so thankful to serve a God who is personal. I am thankful that no matter where sweet girl ends up, I know she will not go alone. And I pray with all of my being that she grows up knowing she is never alone! Will you pray that with me?