It's been 8 months?

It's so hard for me to believe that EIGHT months ago our sweet boy came into this world! What a whirlwind it's been! Riley-bug, you are absolutely a doll! Your daddy and I are so thankful the Lord chose to bless us with you. Here's some of the things going on in your life at the ripe old age of 8-months :)

*you still just have 2 teeth (bottom) ... I keep thinking the top two are coming any day now...
*you are a champion roller
*you can sit up on your own and have pretty good posture! :)
*you LOVE sweet potatoes and pears
*you're not such a fan of green beans, but paired with pears or applesauce you can choke them down
*you recently learned how to jump in your exersaucer and can be heard all over the house doing just that
*you can say dada, mama, goo, and many other words we're not too sure of
*you love to smile and I still tear up when I see you do it
*your daddy is already your hero and that makes my heart so happy
*you love music and just today started "dancing" when you hear it
*you love to be outside (daddy's really excited about this one!)
*you are an amazing blessing from the Lord, and we couldn't imagine our lives without you!

Thank you, Lord, for our sweet Riley. May he grow up to love and serve you with his whole being. Protect him as he grows, and guide us as we seek to parent him in a way that honors You.

Happy 8-month Birthday, Riley! We love you!


Swinging in PA

Riley experienced two "firsts" today. He rode in a swing for the first time as he was visiting the state of Pennsylvania for the first time (outside the womb!). My parents, brother, sister-in-law, nephew C.J., Riley and I went to Lancaster, PA for the day. We ate breakfast at Willow Valley and then headed out to their playground for a short photo shoot with the boys.

The cousins swinging

Me and my boy

"This is fun, mom!" If we hadn't been hurrying to get to the outlets to shop, I think he would have enjoyed swinging for longer. We're going to have to see about getting a swing for our backyard...
The boys

It's still hard for me to believe sometimes that my brother and I both have children. What a blessing these two boys are!

And because every blog is better with a little live action, here's a short video of the swinging experience...

Well, Daniel survived his class in New Orleans and is currently on his way back to Texas. Riley and I sure are missing him! Riley hasn't said it in so many words, but I know he's wondering where in the world his daddy has gone. I'm so thankful for this time we can spend with my family, but I will be SO relieved to see my sweet husband again! He truly is my other half, and I just don't feel complete when we're apart. I mean, I know I'm always complete in Christ, but you know what I mean... :) I think being apart every now and then is good for a relationship, though, because it reminds you just how much you appreciate and love the other person. I've had a lot of time to think about that this week, and I really can't imagine wanting to spend my life with anyone else besides Daniel Riley Bramlett! I know you never read this blog, babe, but on the off-chance you decide to one day, I love you forever! See you in 75 hours!


Our house

Riley and I made it to Maryland safely! As I type this, he's asleep in the pack 'n play and my parents are asleep in their recliners...he's already worn them out! :)

He slept almost the entire flight, and for that, I was a very thankful mama! Before leaving Hughes Springs, I walked through our house and did a short video tour for those of you interested in seeing what it looks like full of Bramlett stuff. Warning: the video is almost 8 minutes long, so if you're not really that interested, just move along to the next blog you wanted to catch up on. :) Click here to view the video.


Let it...hail???

As I was feeding Riley a bottle yesterday afternoon, I decided to watch the local news (well, "local" is relative...our news comes from Shreveport, LA) to see what was going on in the world. During the weather report, we were told that severe thunderstorms were on their way and to be watching for possible hail. I'm pretty sure the last time I saw hail was when I was around 5 years old and we were visiting Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota. Anyway, about 30 minutes later, this is what came from the sky...

Riley and I could not believe our eyes! I have never seen hail that big! I got a couple pictures of the yard afterward.

From snow to hail, we've had some crazy weather in the past month since we arrived in East Texas! After seeing the report today about this years predicted hurricane season, I sure hope we're far enough inland now to not be affected by those!

So can you believe I've posted twice in one week?! Don't get too spoiled by it... :) However, I do plan on posting more next week because while Daniel is in New Orleans taking a class, Riley and I will be visiting my parents in Maryland and I'll have internet access whenever I want it! Maybe I'll do some "catch-up" posting then. I hope you all have a great weekend!


Jump, Jump!

So, I didn't intentionally lie in my last post. I have really meant to update the blog more than I have since we moved, but it's pretty much been impossible. I'm still having to come to the church to get internet, and I have to plan those trips around Daniel's meetings, Riley's sleeping schedule, Daniel's sermon prep, etc, etc, etc! :) So, unfortunately, the blog has been at the bottom of my "to-do" list when I do actually get to use the internet. I did want to share with y'all another video of the Riley-boy. Daniel's dad got an exersaucer for him, and he absolutely loves it! He's just recently learned how to jump in it, and now every time I put him in it he jumps up and down almost the entire time. Too cute! I hope you enjoy!