T-Bone Walker BluesFest

Two weeks ago, Daniel and I were able to go on a date!!! It had been almost 3 months since our last one, so it was definitely time! One of our church members gave us tickets to the T-Bone Walker BluesFest in Linden, TX (about 15 miles from H.S., and the town where T-Bone was raised). Now, I'll admit, I had never heard of T-Bone Walker, and I wasn't much of a blues fan prior to this evening. However, it was a chance to go on a date with my hubby, so I jumped at it! :)

We thought the event began at 4 pm, so we asked our babysitter to be here at 4 and we headed out. We got to the fair grounds and the only people there were workers. We then read a sign that said the first act would begin at 6...hmm...what do we do in small town TX for 2 hours while we wait?! EAT! :) We found a neat steak house in downtown Linden and enjoyed a nice dinner. We then went back to the fair grounds and found out when we went to will call to get our tickets that we had V.I.P. passes. Being as this was our first BluesFest, we didn't know what that meant, but soon found out we were some of the select few who were allowed to go backstage and enjoy wonderful food (remember, we ate dinner before we came...) and conversation with all of the artists participating in the festival. Since we had just eaten dinner, we decided to listen to one of the artists for a while before heading to the hospitality tent. After hearing Kayla Reeves, we headed to check out the hospitality tent. Neither of us were hungry, but there was a massive buffet with a plethora of good food (Daniel's words), so we felt obligated to partake! :) After filling our plates, we went to find a seat and ended up sitting down with two nice ladies. We talked for a little while and then who came to sit down with us?! T-Bone Walker's daughter and granddaughter! We had so much fun getting to know them, and when they found out Daniel was a preacher, the conversation got even better! Here we are with them...his daughter is on the right and granddaughter on the left.

We were also able to hear Honeyboy Edwards, the oldest living blues player (95 years old!). Like I said, before the evening, I didn't have much interest in blues, but I definitely left with a greater appreciation for the music and the artists who put their hearts and souls into playing it. You never know who will come out of small towns...also found out that night that Don Henley (lead singer for the Eagles) is from Linden, TX! What a fun time with my favorite man in the world!

11-month-old fun

I cannot believe that in less than a month our little man will turn a year old! Wow! I was talking to my mom on the phone yesterday, and we both said how he is really looking like a little boy these days and no longer a baby! I'm excited to watch him grow, yet find myself sometimes missing the times when I could cuddle with him without him trying every tactic to squirm out of my arms! :) I had to upload a video of his new favorite game because it makes me laugh every time. Last week he began standing up, but once he got up he couldn't figure out how to sit back down. He would stand, play for a little while, and then just keep standing because he didn't know what else to do. So, I gently showed him how to plop onto his bottom when he was tired of standing. This then became a game in his mind, so all throughout the day he can be found standing and plopping over and over. This video shows a small clip of this game, but doesn't quite do it justice. It was almost bedtime, so I think he was tiring out, but the normal game lasts at least 10 rounds. :) Enjoy!


Swimming video

The video finally uploaded! Here's Riley "swimming" for the first time :)


It's Hot!

I've decided that East Texas has got to be the hottest place I have ever lived. It's just the beginning of June, and the high's are in the mid-90's every day with no rain. Last night at 10:00 it was 80 degrees. For my friends who live overseas in very hot conditions and have no air conditioning, I am sorry I'm complaining...I'll continue with the post. Anyway, we have been enjoying the beginning of summer by cooking and eating fresh veggies given to us by church members...

(just a small example of things we've been given)

Enjoying some watermelon on the back porch...

I'm not surprised he likes watermelon since I practically lived off it last summer when I was pregnant with the kiddo.

And taking up offers from church members to go swimming in their pools! I have a video of this, too, but my internet signal is not strong enough right this second to upload it. I'll add it this weekend, probably.

Sweet baby toes that look like prunes :)