Christmas at our house

At my mom's request, I went around our house and took pictures of most of our Christmas decorations. Since she's halfway across the country and we won't see each other this Christmas, I figured that's the least I could do. :) So, if you could care less about what our house looks like right now, you may want to just skip over this post and move on to another friend's blog. Otherwise, scroll down and enjoy getting a taste of what Bramlett land looks like this season.

An old window from the seminary campus that hangs in our kitchen. That's where I'm keeping the Advent calendar my parent's gave Riley this year. Each morning he and I read the little square for the day. If I forget to read it while he's eating breakfast, he'll turn around (his chair sits right under the window) and say, "book, book" until I grab it and read. Too cute!
Our Christmas card holder (which I might add was found in a dumpster by my husband) and the piano. You can also see our tree in the mirror.
View from the other side of the piano. The nativity in the bottom right corner is from Swaziland.
Dining room table
Dining room hutch (with some of our Spode pieces...thanks, Mom & Dad!)
Garland hung across our 4 massive windows
The chopping block: The little tree was given to us by Daniel's mom our 1st married Christmas when we lived in a 414 square foot apartment and had no room for a real tree. I love thinking back on our experiences in the short (almost) 3 years we've been married! The punch bowl filled with silver balls was my grandmother's (dad's mom) and I just got to use it for the first time the other night when we had a Sunday School class party at our house!
Our tree (which you'll notice is up on a table since we have a little boy with curious fingers roaming around our house)
Nativity in the entry way given by my former boss at the seminary
I love Christmas lights on the outside of houses! One of our traditions growing up was to load up in the car and drive around looking at lights. Daniel wasn't too keen on putting up lights this year, but I pleaded by saying, "It's our first year to have a real house! We have to put up some lights!" I guess my face was pathetic enough because he gave in and hung all of the lights for me. Love that man! :) Here's the front door.
And the whole house. The plan is to buy more lights after Christmas so that next year our house will be even brighter :)
My two favorite guys peeking out at me as I took pictures

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