Music Man

Riley LOVES music! This doesn't surprise me because both of his parents do too, but since Day 1 of his time on this earth, music has always been able to calm him down. Just recently he has shown us his skills in directing music. :) I stay for choir practice on Wednesday nights, so our usual routine is when prayer meeting is over, I pick up Riley from the nursery. I then take him into the sanctuary (where the choir practices) where his daddy can be found talking, talking, talking. Choir usually starts before Daniel finishes talking, so Riley gets to hear some of our music. The past two weeks he has climbed the stairs to the stage and given our music minister, Lee, a run for his money! We all can't help but laugh while we're attempting to sing because Riley, very seriously, moves around the stage "directing" the music. It is hilarious!

Last night I was playing some music in the kitchen while getting dinner ready, and Riley began his "directing." I grabbed the camera real quick and below you'll get a small taste of what we very often see when any song begins to play.


  1. That is the cutest thing in the world!! He is precious and I love him!!! and his mom and dad!! What a great kid and what a blessing you all are. Thanks for sharing this! Love you, Pam

  2. hahahahaha! :) I see great things in this little guy's future! :) Love it, Laura!