Back to Peru

This week, my husband and three others from our church are spending a week in Huayacundo Arma, Peru. Last year, our church began a relationship with this village in hopes of starting a church there. This team has gone back to continue sharing Christ with those who do not know Him and disciple young believers. Our church will send 4 more teams to this village throughout the year, and hopefully, at the end of 2012, there will be an established, trained, growing church in Huayacundo Arma! Would you please join with me in praying for Daniel, Rebekah (to the left of Daniel), and Leslie & David Pippin (to the right of Daniel)?

He's only been gone 2 days, but I miss Daniel so much,already! Thankfully, my parents were able to come from Maryland, so I definitely have reinforcements when it comes to the kiddos! I haven't had to wash a single bottle since my mom arrived Thursday night. Love it! I really don't know that I could survive this week without them, so I'm very thankful they were willing to come.

Even though I miss him, I know Daniel is right where he needs to be. I can't wait to hear all that God has done in them and through them this week! To HIM be all the glory!

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