1/2 a year

This little lady celebrated her 1/2 birthday yesterday! It just doesn't seem possible that she's been with us for 6 months! She really enjoyed sharing some words with you a few months back, so she asked if I'd let her again. Only because she's the birthday girl!

Hey everyone! What do you think of my 6-month pic? It's Memorial Day weekend, so I guess Mama was trying to be festive or something. As you can see, it didn't matter to me what I was wearing...I was just happy about getting my picture taken. I've recently figured out what that little box-looking thing with the bright flash of light is! When Mama brings it out, I put on my best smile and cheese it up for the camera.

Yesterday was a pretty low-key day for us, thankfully! The past week has been kind of busy, so I was glad to take all of my naps in my own bed yesterday. Mama and I went to the grocery store in the morning. That's always an adventure! She thought it would be easier for her because my big brother is at Ya Ya's house this weekend and she'd only have to worry about me. I used to be content with just sitting in my car seat, and if I got sleepy I'd fall asleep. Not anymore! I got really sleepy at the store yesterday and now when that happens, I get LOUD! I really like to hear my own voice, and honestly, the louder the better! So, in order to quiet me down, Mama had to carry me around the store. We'll find out Wednesday how much I weigh, but according to her, I've definitely gotten heavier. :)

I also had my first taste of sweet potatoes on my 1/2 birthday. I was excited about trying something new!

 I had no clue what was in that jar, but I liked holding it for the picture!

Here comes the first taste. I'm used to the spoon because I've been eating whole wheat cereal for several weeks now.

This was a totally different taste, though! And it was orange!

Oh, Mama! Where is the cereal?! I'm not sure I can stomach this!

Mama decided the fun with sweet potatoes was over when I spit an entire spoonful all over myself and my chair. :) Oops! She kept telling me how much my brother loved sweet potatoes when he was my age. And I keep trying to tell her that I'm not my brother! I think we have to try some again today, though...we'll see how it goes!

It was a good day, but I sure am ready to see my brother! He should be home any minute! I can't wait! I also can't wait for the day when I'll get to go to Ya Ya's house with him!

You probably won't care too much about these details, but Mama wanted me to write them so she'd remember later in life. I currently wear a size 3 diaper, size 6-month clothes, AND I'm sleeping through the night like a champ! Mama used to have to feed me in my sleep around 11 pm so I could sleep all night, but not anymore! She puts me to bed at 8 pm and I wake up around 7:30 am. There is nothing like a good night's sleep - for ALL of my family members!

Well, friends, I better eat a little something before my brother gets home. Thanks for taking time to read about my life! I'm still a very content baby, and my favorite person in the world is Riley. Speaking of Riley...did I mention I can't wait to see him?! :)

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