Music Minister? Preacher?

It's no secret that Riley loves music. The poor boy didn't stand a chance when he was conceived in my body with Daniel as his daddy. We both love music, love to sing, and can minimally (I stress minimally!) play some instruments. I sang to Riley in the womb and Daniel sang hymns to him all the time when he was just days old. He has ALWAYS been around music!

Now pair that with his incredible ability to mimic our music minister, Lee, and you have a 3-year-old who thinks he's the one directing the choir on Wednesday nights. :) He started this months ago, but I always forgot to bring my camera on Wednesdays. I finally remembered last night, and boy did I get a great video! Some nights he's not too into the directing, but last night he was "on." See for yourself!

And then this morning as I was getting dressed, I overheard a little preacher in the house. He had found his Daddy's pocket Bible and was sharing a 'sermon.' I can't promise it's a very theologically or doctrinally sound sermon, but it sure is adorable!

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