#902 - Family Time in the Pool

We had so much fun last night. We have some great friends who live a few minutes outside of town on gorgeous property. Going to their house really is like going on a retreat. They are very gracious to allow us to use their pool anytime we want, even when they're out of town (like they are now). So, we packed a picnic dinner and took our family of 5 for an evening of just us - which hasn't happened in quite some time! It was much-needed and time very well spent.

Riley is our cautious one. This was his first time to wear just floaties, and although it took a little convincing, once he realized what he could do with them, he was all over the pool! Hoping that by the end of the summer he won't need them at all!

 I so wish we could show you our sweet girl's face! This was her first time in a swimming pool, and she LOVED it! I wasn't surprised because bath-time is one of her favorite times of the day!

My loves

I'm so thankful for fun summer nights, and I'm hoping there will be more like this in the coming weeks!

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