Bring on the Strawberries!

Every spring, Ponchatoula, LA hosts the largest Strawberry Festival in the country! Ponchatoula is only about an hour from New Orleans, so we decided to head up there with some good friends on a Sunday afternoon. None of us had ever been, so we were excited to see what all was involved in this festival! There, of course, were fair-type rides (the ones that are squeaky and you're not real sure just how safe they are!) and live bands providing entertainment. What I was amazed by, though, was all of the food created from strawberries! Strawberry shortcake, strawberry beignets, strawberry funnel cakes, strawberry cheesecake, chocolate-covered strawberries, FRIED strawberries (which were amazing!), and the list goes on and on! We tried several of the items listed above and they were all so good! Here are some pics from our afternoon...

That just screams, "YUMMY!"

Sweet people dipping their fresh strawberries in chocolate to sell

And yes, we definitely bought some! :)

Prego woman getting ready to indulge...I really think that was one of the best chocolate-covered strawberries I've ever put in my mouth!

Good times at the Strawberry Festival!

Naturally, we brought home lots of strawberries! How can you leave a strawberry festival without some fresh strawberries?! I immediately went to work cutting up the strawberries while Chef Bramlett made some homemade buttermilk biscuits...again, YUMMY!

And then it was time to create the Strawberry shortcake.
Homemade buttermilk biscuit
Kemp's no-sugar added vanilla frozen yogurt
It was amazing!!!
There are many reasons I love Spring, but all of the wonderful fresh fruit is one of my favorite parts! Soon and very soon it will be time to go pick fresh blueberries and blackberries at a farm about an hour away...can't wait!

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  1. Those strawberries looked amazing! I wish I was there!