Walking Through the City

Several months ago I decided it would be fun to sign up for the annual Crescent City Classic 10K Race. I knew I wasn't going to be able to run it, but I definitely wanted to walk it. My friend, Amanda, agreed to walk it with me, and our plan was to train each week for the race. Well, that didn't so much happen, so the week before the race I became a bit nervous as to how I was going to do. I knew I could finish it, but I really didn't want to be the last person crossing the finish line! I did a little last minute training that week, lots of praying, and hoped for the best! :) The Lord certainly answered my prayers because not only was it a gorgeous day (around 68 degrees during the race), but we finished in an hour and 49 minutes with no injuries and few complaints! Yes, my back was killing me (I'm pregnant!) and my feet were a little sore, but I felt great when we crossed the finish line! I can't wait to tell Riley one day that I did a 10K when I was 6 months pregnant with him! Amanda asked during the race if I could feel him kicking, and I told her that even if he was I wouldn't know because of all the movements I was making myself! I'm pretty sure he was either sleeping most of the time of holding on for dear life! :)

It's important for non-New Orleanians to understand that the CCC is more of a party for most participants, rather than a serious race. The first few people who crossed the finish line (Kenyans, I might add) were serious, but the other 19,450 (19,500 total in the race) saw it as a fun time to see the city and party...hence the t-shirt of the lady in the picture above! Would you believe that we even passed some fellow walkers who were walking while carrying cups of beer?! I mean, only in New Orleans!

Just a few of the people who were between us and the Start

Waiting for the race to begin!

My beloved number that was held on by straight pins because I didn't have any safety pins. :) Thankfully, no injuries to myself or Riley!

We finally made it to the Start! It only took us 8 MINUTES to get from where we were when the cannon went off (yes, they used a cannon) to the Start...remember that when you see the picture of us approaching the Finish line (and the time on the clock)...

Flamingos, anyone?! We saw people dressed in all types of costumes!

Enjoying the beautiful day!

We made it! The clock says 1:57, but remember those 8 minutes?! :)

Amanda and I after the race...still smiling!

Daniel came and joined us for the after-party...free jambalaya, smoothies, and other goodies!


  1. Congrats!!! Before you know it, you'll be doing marathons! ; ) Races are fun! I've had a few races where there are people passing out beer to the runners! I can't imagine doing a race with beer. To each their own I guess!

  2. daniel would show up for some free food. Pregnant? Say What? That makes me want to drop my Baptist beliefs and pray in tongues. Sweet Sauce. That is best news I have heard this month. Congrats.