33 down, 7 to go!

I can't believe I've allowed so much time to pass since my last post! Sorry about that! I've been out of the blogging "mood" for some reason. Maybe it's because I'm just plain lazy, or maybe it's because life's been a bit ordinary lately. Besides the pineapple in my belly (can you believe we're up to a pineapple?! it seems like just yesterday that he was the size of an avocado!) there hasn't been a whole lot going on. I reached the 33-week mark this past Wednesday! Less than 7 weeks to go...hopefully!

Daniel and I began our baby classes at Ochsner (the hospital where we'll deliver) two weeks ago. We go every Tuesday night for 4 weeks. The first two sessions were entitled "Delivery I" and "Delivery II." We both have learned so much! It lasts 2 hours each time, and I told Daniel after this past week that I am so interested in what the nurse is saying that my mind never wanders during class! I'm trying to soak up every single word that comes out of her mouth. My husband's a bit ADD (for instance, last night I had to give him instructions for cooking something 3 times within about a 2 minute time period), and he even agreed that he was tuned in during the classes. I just pray all of this information sticks with us when the time finally comes for Riley to make his appearance! :)

My parents bought their plane tickets for the big event yesterday! It's so difficult with them living so far away (Maryland) ... we have no clue when the Lord will decide it's time for Riley to leave the womb, so all we can do is wait and give them a call as soon as labor begins! Hopefully they'll make it before he's born, but if they don't, at least they'll be here shortly after! I can't wait to see them and introduce them to their newest grandson!

Speaking of Riley, he seems to be doing very well. I feel him moving all throughout the day, and the last few days, the poor boy has had the hiccups multiple times! In fact, he has them right now! I read somewhere that babies don't mind the hiccups as much as we do...hope that's true because he is following in his mama's footsteps in that department! Our next appointment is Monday morning, so I'm looking forward to hearing his heartbeat...definitely a highlight of each appointment!
33 weeks! I know, I know..."my belly is so small!" I hear that all the time! My mom found some old pics of when she was pregnant with my brother and then me, and she said she never got very large either. So, I guess I'm my mother's daughter! I am totally fine with not carrying around a watermelon as long as the doctor says he's healthy and growing! :) Can't wait to hold and kiss that pineapple (or whatever fruit he may be when he's born)!

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