A Few Days Late

Happy Valentine's Day...a few days late! We don't have internet at the house yet, so I haven't been able to get online much in the past week. I have to begin this post with probably my favorite video of Riley so far...

Now that you've been able to enjoy the cuteness of our son, Hello from Texas!! I thought about beginning with a hearty "Howdy Y'all!", but that's just not me. So, hello it is! :) We made it to Hughes Springs safely last Monday...thank you so much for all of your prayers! We definitely felt them! We left New Orleans at 8:30 am and pulled into our new driveway at 6:30 pm...whew! What a day! 10 hours in a car with a 6 1/2 month old is not always the easiest thing, but I will say that he was an excellent traveler. He adapts so well to new situations, and for that we are SO thankful! This is what we saw when we pulled into the garage...

This is just a small way they've welcomed us so far. When I walked into the kitchen, there was food all over the counter and in the refrigerator. They gave us a love offering this past Sunday night that blew us away! I'm convinced that some of the most generous and hospitable people live in Hughes Springs, TX! We are so thankful for where the Lord has led us. What a privilege it will be to serve with and among these sweet people!

There were about 25 people waiting to help unload the truck...what took us two days to load was unloaded in about an hour!

Needless to say, it hasn't taken Riley long to make friends! Here he is with a sweet 7-year-old named Casey.

First family photo taken in our new home

There are MANY more pictures, and please feel free to go here to view them all. We still don't have internet at home, yet, so I have to come to Daniel's office to get online. Hopefully I'll be able to be a little more regular about posting. It's actually a pretty good set-up. The church library is right across the hall from Daniel's office, so when it's nap time for little man, I just put him in a pack 'n play in the library and I can work for a little while. Speaking of him, though, he just woke up and is ready to eat! So, I better sign off for now. I hope you're all doing well! Thanks, again, for praying for us during this transition. God is so good and faithful...but we definitely need your prayers! :) Much love!

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  1. I am still laughing! It's so funny - I have to let the whole video buffer first before I watch it. So, I'm checking other things while I'm it's buffering and I just here Riley laughing every few seconds... cuts off... starts again... he's still laughing! So precious! :)