Jump, Jump!

So, I didn't intentionally lie in my last post. I have really meant to update the blog more than I have since we moved, but it's pretty much been impossible. I'm still having to come to the church to get internet, and I have to plan those trips around Daniel's meetings, Riley's sleeping schedule, Daniel's sermon prep, etc, etc, etc! :) So, unfortunately, the blog has been at the bottom of my "to-do" list when I do actually get to use the internet. I did want to share with y'all another video of the Riley-boy. Daniel's dad got an exersaucer for him, and he absolutely loves it! He's just recently learned how to jump in it, and now every time I put him in it he jumps up and down almost the entire time. Too cute! I hope you enjoy!

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  1. CUTE!!!!! :) Hunter always used to jump like that in his too.... Riley is adorable! And getting so big so fast... Always love seeing your pictures and getting updates...

    Love, Jennifer