It's Hot!

I've decided that East Texas has got to be the hottest place I have ever lived. It's just the beginning of June, and the high's are in the mid-90's every day with no rain. Last night at 10:00 it was 80 degrees. For my friends who live overseas in very hot conditions and have no air conditioning, I am sorry I'm complaining...I'll continue with the post. Anyway, we have been enjoying the beginning of summer by cooking and eating fresh veggies given to us by church members...

(just a small example of things we've been given)

Enjoying some watermelon on the back porch...

I'm not surprised he likes watermelon since I practically lived off it last summer when I was pregnant with the kiddo.

And taking up offers from church members to go swimming in their pools! I have a video of this, too, but my internet signal is not strong enough right this second to upload it. I'll add it this weekend, probably.

Sweet baby toes that look like prunes :)

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