Chocolate cake, please!

3 posts in one night...I'm pretty excited! :)

For Riley's 1st birthday party, Daniel and I decided to do a party/open house and invite the church. We've been wanting to have an open house since we moved here, and after much procrastinating, we figured his birthday was the perfect time! So, once the date was set, we told both of our families and plans were made. My parents came from MD (gotta love Southwest!) and spent 10 days here with us (more on that in another post)! Daniel's mom and grandmother were able to come, too, so I had very good, hard-working help! We prepared lots of finger foods and most importantly, the cakes! When I was planning for the big day, I thought, what is Riley really "into" at the ripe old age of 1? Cell phones, of course! :) In his mind, a cell phone can make any bad moment instantly better. So, I made his personal cake in a mini-loaf pan and then decorated (obviously an amateur!) it to look like a cell phone.

Daniel and I together then decorated the big cake. One of our nicknames for Riley is "Riley-bug," so the phone brand was "Bug Cel". :) Needless to say, neither of us is going to quit our day jobs and take up cake decorating!

Riley wasn't too sure what to do with the cake at first. He poked his finger in it and kept trying to wipe the icing off onto the tray of his high chair. I finally brushed a little of the icing onto his lip, and once he got a taste of it, he took off! As you can tell, he definitely enjoyed his first cake! If you look closely, you can see a tear under his right eye...he was NOT happy when daddy decided he should only eat half of the cake!

If you want to see more pictures from the party, click on the picture above, and you can see all of the fun we had celebrating the life of our sweet 1-year-old!

I think 3 posts is going to have to be it for tonight. It's definitely past my bedtime, and no matter what time I go to bed, some little munchkin is guaranteed to wake me up around 7:00 am! :) I need to go rest up for a full day of just me and Riley!

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