Gorgeous creation!

The past few weeks we have enjoyed amazingly gorgeous weather! It's been cool in the morning and evening and warms up during the day...but not too warm! After spending much of the summer cooped up inside while it was BLAZING hot outside, Riley and I have definitely enjoyed getting out and strolling all over Hughes Springs! Now that he's walking and much more of an explorer, we've been taking some detours at various parks around town. My type A personality would love for him to just sit in one spot when I take him out of his stroller...lol! However, he is a ONE YEAR OLD who is having a blast exploring the world around him. He doesn't just want to look at sticks and rocks and dirt...he wants to touch them! I have loved watching him learn and grow through these simple explorations. The Lord has used him to remind me what He wants from me and every other believer...simple faith, simple belief, simple joy...just keep it simple! Riley finds the greatest joy in what we (adults) would consider to be so simple and silly. Yet, I can't help but think of the joy God must feel when He sees Riley excited about a leaf or holding his own piece of bread (instead of mommy breaking it into small pieces for him!) or walking on the grass without holding my hand. I'm so thankful the Lord uses the greatest blessing He's ever given Daniel and I to teach us truths about Himself!

And because no post is complete without pictures, here's the little guy in action...

This is the angle of Riley I see most of the time now :)

Supporting the Hogs on game day!

Learning the art of sliding :)

Walking around with an acorn in his hand and a smile on his face

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  1. Laura, he's just more and more precious! I hope you don't mind but Kelli and I actually named our new puppy Riley - I love the name!
    Love you guys!!