This Makes 32

We have a new member of the Bramlett family and also the 32nd car my husband has ever owned. Yes, that's right...he's 30 years old and on number 32! :) Thankfully, this one cost us nothing...well, so far. One of our church members owns a farm and all of his family's old vehicles are parked all over the farm. He decided he'd pass this one on to us...

It's a 1961 Ford...apparently just like the police car in the Andy Griffith Show, so Daniel's even more excited about that! In case you didn't know, Andy Griffith is his all-time favorite show.

He told me Friday afternoon that he had a surprise for Riley and I. As we were driving to the farm, I had an idea of what type of surprise it might be, so I asked, "Is this a surprise for us or for you?!" He replied with "both!" This is what we pulled up to and he said, "Surprise!"

Riley and his first car...ha ha! :)

While the men worked to clear the trees, Riley and I played in the back of the truck

Almost ready to pull her out!

Riley "driving" as we waited

And there it is!

You think he's just a little excited?! :)

And here it is in our driveway. It doesn't run yet, but I've been promised that as soon as he can get it running, he'll move it to someone's land. :) We'll see how long that takes...no worries, I will keep y'all updated as to the progress of our newest family member!

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  1. It's been almost 2 years, since you all go the Galaxy so how is the car coming along ?