He's 31 today!

This crazy, yet good-looking, man is 31 years old today!

How are we celebrating? Well, in true D.B. fashion, he is out helping to fight the fires that are raging in our county. He's currently helping a church member attempt to save his parents house from catching on fire. So, today probably won't be the typical birthday celebration most are used to. But, Daniel's doing exactly what he was created to do...help others and encourage them to cast all their burdens on the Lord. I'm so proud of who he is and all he allows the Lord to do through him!

About a week ago I showed the picture below to Riley and said, "Riley, who is in this picture?" He responded with, "Riley!" If there was ever any doubt (which I don't think there was...) as to which one of us Riley favors, take a look at this photo of Daniel when he was 2.


I'm excited to know that my sweet son will one day grow up to be a handsome young man just like his daddy!

I love you, Daniel! I'm thankful I can celebrate YOU all year long! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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