Jesus Likes to Swing

Did you know Jesus likes to swing? I didn't until today. Riley told me so. We were at the church playground (which kind of feels like our own because it's directly behind our house) this afternoon. He ran around for a while, climbed a ladder, went down a slide, played with some rocks and then wanted to swing. He loves to swing. After he had been swinging for a couple of seconds, he looked up at the sky and said, "Thank you, God, for the sun!" and then the rest of the conversation went something like this...

Me: It IS a beautiful day, isn't it?!
R: Yes, it is! God is going to come swing with me. Well, actually, Jesus is.
Me: Oh really?
R: Yeah, did you know Jesus likes to swing?
Me: I guess so, because Jesus loves you, so if you like to swing He'll like to swing with you!
R: (Turning to the swing beside him) Jesus, are you having fun swinging? (Relaying His response to me) Jesus said, "Well, surely, I am!"
Me: (trying to contain my laughter - I just love the way Riley articulates things sometimes!) Awesome! I'm glad you and Jesus are having fun swinging!
R: Yeah. (Talking to Jesus again) Do you like to come to my house? Do you like coming to the church playground? (Again sharing His response with me) Jesus said, "Well, surely, I do" again!
Me: (taking advantage of the teachable moment) So do you think Jesus likes it when you throw fits?
R: No!
Me: What about when you obey Mama and Daddy? Does He like that?
R: Yes!
Me: Okay. What about when you're mean to your friends?
R: No!
Me: What about when you're sweet to Ella?
R: Yes!

The Lord used my son to speak to me in such a powerful way this afternoon. How often do I forget that Jesus IS right there?? All too often, I can tell you! And I'm not just talking about resting in the peace He offers by always being with us. I'm also talking about the moments when I lose control and allow the flesh to take over my mouth and actions. The times when I throw an adult "fit" over something not going my way. The times when I use words to hurt those I love. Jesus isn't just there when we're having fun swinging. He is there every second of every day. Thank you, sweet son, for the reminder! And, thank you, for your childlike faith that taught your Mama so much more than she could ever teach you! You are one special little boy, Riley!

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