Can I be in charge?

This poor guy wants to be in charge so badly! I shouldn't be surprised that the Lord gave me a strong-willed child since both my husband and I are quite strong-willed. My mom said she read The Strong-Willed Child twice when I was little. I cannot tell you how many times in his short lifetime Riley has heard the words, "Riley, who is in charge?"

So for the past few months Riley has walked around saying, "Mama, can I be in charge one day?" When I respond with, "Yes, one day when you're much older and a daddy, you can be in charge!" Just the thought of this "being in charge" being somewhat within his grasp satisfies him for a while. I've overheard him talking to himself saying, "one day I'll be in charge!" Poor fella!

And then this past week he found some headphones his daddy got on a flight to Peru. He had the best time playing with them, and in the middle of it, he looked at me and said, "Mama, can I be in charge of these headphones?!"

I wish you could have seen his face when I said, "Yes, Riley! You sure can!"

So now when I remind him who is in charge, he follows it up with, "but I'm in charge of the headphones, Mama!"

Yes, son, yes you are! And if that's all it takes to appease your need to be in charge, I'll take it!

As a side note: When I was putting the kids to bed tonight Riley was praying. He prayed for Ella and then said, "And Father thank you for Mama and thank you for her good heart." This kid blows me away! I don't know why the Lord chose to bless us with Riley, but I am SO THANKFUL!

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  1. Sure miss you guys!! And those shrimp enchiladas. ;)