Several times in the past week or two I've thought, "Oh, I want to write about that on the blog," but whatever it is hasn't been long enough to deserve an entire post dedicated to it. So, I decided to do a post of recent random happenings around the Bramlett house.

1. First off, this little boy is looking way too old in this picture, which was taken yesterday. Anyone else agree??
But also, he wants to be a butterfly. Huh? You may be asking. Riley is currently addicted to several of the Hermie and Friends dvd's by Max Lucado. We introduced them to him a couple of months ago, and then he received 2 more for his birthday. One of his favorites right now (he changes favorites every week pretty much) is Hermie: A Common Caterpillar. Hermie looks around at all of the other creatures in the garden (ladybug, ant, snail, etc) and asks God why He made him so common. So, for several days Riley would look at me and say, "Why did God make me so common?" Well, he understands now that he's "anique" (how he says unique), and because Hermie becomes a beautiful butterfly at the end of the dvd, Riley wants to know when he can be a butterfly. This comes after his saying several months ago that he was going to one day be a dog. I promise we're not teaching our child reincarnation! :) So the other day when Riley asked about being a butterfly, I said, "You're going to have to talk to God about that one!" A little while later he said, "Mama, I need to go outside!" I asked him why, and he said, "Because I need to look up in the sky and ask God when I can be a butterfly." Oh, I love this kid! I wish I could record all of our conversations throughout the day!

2. We came across this picture the other night. When Daniel asked Riley who the little boy was, he said matter-of-factly, "It's me!" If I ever wonder what Riley is going to look like when he's 30, all I have to do is look at my handsome husband. :)
Daniel and his dad - Easter 1983
3. Little Miss Ella has become a clapper! And, she does it on command! Daniel even saw it for himself last night. I was able to get it on video yesterday afternoon, but please ignore the voice in the background which sounds familiarly like a 3-year-old who is searching for some attention.

4. We are currently planning a family vacation to Florida at the end of October. Our original plan was to drive, but we came to our senses and decided that was not such a great idea with a 3-year-old and an almost 1-year-old. So, we're going to fly and borrow a car my aunt has graciously offered for us to use. We'll be staying at a house in Ormond Beach and traveling to Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, and Southern Georgia. I'm super excited about seeing family, old friends, and taking Riley to several theme parks. I'm also wondering, though, if we're insane for attempting this with a 3-year-old and an almost 1-year-old. :)

5. You may be wondering where we are in the foster-to-adopt process. Well, I'm embarrassed to say (but need to so it's out there and we're held accountable) that we have not completed the application yet. Yes, it is very long and detailed, but we've simply allowed life and the craziness of the summer to take over and remove our focus from completing the paperwork. The rest of the year is going to be even busier, so we're just going to have to stop making excuses and get it done. Please help us by asking (in person or through the internet!) if we're working on it or if it's still sitting on my desk!

We both know this is what God's called us to, and a couple of days ago I found out about a retreat I am so excited about the possibility of attending. It's called Created for Care and it's for women who have adopted or are in the process of adopting - domestically and internationally. My friend, Cole, went this past year, and she said it was so amazing she will definitely be going back next year. Yesterday I read about some of the breakout sessions, and even though it's not until next March, I am ready to go! I think it will be an incredible time of connecting with other moms who are at similar places in life. I love how the Lord never asks us to walk through this journey called 'life' alone, and retreats like this help us to meet those who are walking parallel roads but we may have never met otherwise. Can you tell I'm just a little excited?!

6. Poor Riley has been so confused the past few weeks after waking up from his nap. His young brain doesn't understand that when he wakes up from a nap it's the same day it was when he went down for a nap. He thinks every time he wakes up it's a new day, and therefore, breakfast should be the first item on the agenda. Every day this week he's gotten up from his nap and asked, "Are we going to eat bretfess?" (we're working on saying 'breakfast'). When I tell him no, it's the same day and remind him he's already eaten breakfast, he gets really upset. Any ideas as to how to help him understand it's all one day?!

7. I took Riley and Ella to the doctor last week because they were both sick. It was my first time to take them to be seen at the same time. He's gone with me to her check-ups before, and vice versa, but they've never both been sick enough to see the doctor together. Therefore, it was my first time to pay a double co-pay - bleh! The lady at the desk said, "Well, it's two separate patients." And my response was, "Yes, but they're in the same room, sick with the same thing, and seeing the doctor at the same time." She then proceeded to tell me she had 5 kids and they would always get sick at the same time (i.e. she didn't feel sorry for me). Anyway, I digress. The point of this #6 was to say that Riley is a whopping 37 pounds (90th percentile) and 3 feet 3 inches (didn't find out that percentile, but he's tall for his age). Ella girl is now 17.10 lbs. They didn't measure her, but we'll find out her length in a couple of weeks at her 9-month appt.

And I think that's about all of the randomness I have for now. If I think of more, I may do some more random postings in the days to come. You never know! Until then, have a blessed weekend!

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