11 months

No worries. I'm not confused as to the age of my daughter. I'm just VERY behind on posting! So, I figured I should do her 11 month post before her 1st birthday...even if that IS only 5 days away! (all of this post has been written in the 11-month perspective)

We celebrated Ella's 11 month birthday in Ormond Beach, Florida. At first she wasn't too sure about the sand, but after a few minutes, she seemed to get used to it. Although, when the tide started coming in and water ran up on her, she was less than impressed! Such a sweet little bathing beauty!

Ella began showing off a new way of sleeping while on the trip. I have no clue how she does this or how in the world it's comfortable, but she is quite the limber little thing. Olympic gymnast, maybe?!

If you can't tell, she spreads her legs and lays her torso down in between. She doesn't fall asleep like this every time, but if I go in and find her like that, I always have to readjust her. It hurts me to see her sleeping like that! Obviously she finds it comfortable...somehow!

Ella is a big fan of water bottles. If ever we're somewhere and don't have a toy, just pull out the water bottle! Or even if we have a toy, and she sees a water bottle, she's going to reach for that bottle! Endless fun and entertainment...full or empty!

Speaking of water...Ella learned how to drink out of a sippy cup this month. I say "thank you" to big brother for that one! She watched him drink from his so much that it basically came naturally. In fact, she started taking his so often that I had to buy her a couple of her own (the one in the pic below is Riley's...). She's not as addicted to water as Riley, yet, but she seems to like it okay.

Two more teeth came in this month! That puts us at 4 (2 middle bottom and 2 middle top)!

Ella and I have always had a strong mother-daughter bond, but in the past few months she and her daddy have developed a very special relationship. She adores him, and I think he's pretty smitten with her, too. :)

Apparently, Ella has a similar love for pulling DVD's off the rack as her brother did around this age. Here's Riley at almost 11 months...
 And here's Ella a little before turning 11 months...

Ella experienced her first Halloween this year. However, when I tried to take cute brother/sister pictures, she refused to cooperate!
 And there were tears - lots of tears!

Little Miss certainly has a mind of her own! I mean, don't we all, but since Day 1 of her time on this earth, I've known she was going to be strong-willed. Her will is displayed mostly in times of eating. I was telling my mom the other day that Ella's eating habits (or lack of) has been my biggest stressor lately. Don't judge, but this girl is still taking 5 bottles at 11 months. That's right, 5! She has never liked baby cereal. She can pretty much take or leave baby food. Squash is definitely her favorite, but she's very picky about the rest. She's not a huge fan of fruit (what??) and there's only a couple of other veggies she'll eat. Even then, she only eats about 2 jars a day. Riley would eat 2 jars at one meal. This is such a learning curve for me. So, even though we didn't start Riley on table food until a year, I went ahead and began Ella early in hopes that we'd find some food she'd actually eat. It's a slow process, but there have been a few things she's taken a liking to. I'm praying there will be more in the next month or two! Here she is showing off her self-feeding abilities. :)

This girl loves music (really, I'm not sure how she could be part of our family and not!) and is still refusing to crawl the "typical" way. We've started calling her 'Scooter' because of how she moves from one place to another. This next video shows both the joy she finds in music and how she 'scoots.'

Ella Grace, you are an amazing blessing to our family! I thank God every day for choosing to place you in our home! You bring us all so much joy and laughter. I pray you will always be yourself and do things the way God created you to, and not how the world says you should (i.e. crawling). We love you SO much, munchkin! I can't believe this is my last 'month' birthday update for you! Here we come, big one-year-old!

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