No Monitor

I'm sitting on the couch right now, and instead of hearing two baby monitors in the background, I hear silence. It's so weird! Why don't I hear monitors? Because the kiddos who are usually on the other end of those monitors are not here tonight. Daniel and I are leaving tomorrow morning for a week-long mission trip to Peru, so Riley and Ella are spending the next week with Ya Ya (Daniel's mom) in Little Rock. I drove them up there this morning (which was a dream trip, by the way - both kids did SO well!), got them settled, took a shower (a whole other story for another time - our plumbing at the house has been less than desirable this week), and then headed back to Texas (post-obligatory Wal-mart trip).

We are now packed (mostly) and relaxing a bit before hitting the sack preparing for a long day of travel tomorrow. We'll drive to Houston in the morning (about a 4.5 hour trip), catch our flight to Lima at 3:30 and arrive in Peru at 11 pm. Then Saturday morning we'll get up and drive 6 hours to the mountain village where we'll spend the week. All prayers are appreciated!! We are so excited to see what the Lord will do over the next week! AND, Daniel and I are personally excited because this is our FIRST international mission trip TOGETHER! We've both been multiple places, but never as a married couple! This is literally a dream come true for me!

I know I'm way behind on posting (Ella turning 11 months, Family vacation to Florida, plumbing issues, etc.), but it will have to wait until after this next great adventure! Ciao until we return!

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