#916 - His Dreams

I was first introduced to this book in the summer of 1998 when I served for the first time at the Florida GA/Acteens Camp. Each night before bed we would read a story to our campers, and my co-counselor had this one, among others. I fell in love with it. I later bought a copy for myself so I'd have it "one day" when my own children came along.

I read this to Riley this afternoon. He and I have read it together before, but today the last page jumped out at me.
In case you have trouble reading it in the picture, it says, "Sometimes, the dreams that we have for ourselves are much smaller than the dreams that God has for us. The three trees' dreams came true, just not in the way they imagined. And so it is with each of us. For if we follow God's path, we will travel far beyond even our greatest dreams."

And this is where I find myself right now. I had dreams for a family - a husband and some children. I even thought about adoption. I never dreamed of fostering to adopt, though. I never dreamed of the ways God would use this process to refine, stretch, and draw me closer to Himself. I never dreamed of the FAITH journey He would take me on throughout my relationship with Him thus far.

I never dreamed of these things, but I sure am thankful He did!

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