#913 - It's Official!

On Monday we had our final training for foster care. It is now official. As soon as our file makes its way through the CPS (Child Protective Services) system, we'll be cleared to begin receiving children. Part of me is SO relieved to have all of that behind us - it was quite a process! (honestly, it could have gone much quicker, but we allowed time to pass between various steps because life got crazy) And the other part of me is feeling a bit nervous because this is where the rubber meets the road, if you will. We've been saying for the past year or so that we wanted to foster, but now that we're officially official, our words will be forced into actions.

Several people have asked me recently if we have any clue the age and gender of the child we'll bring into our home. No, we don't. But, I know Who does! And for that I am grateful!

I would ask you to pray for a sweet 7-month old baby who will possibly be placed in the foster care system soon. Tomorrow morning is a big court date for the case. As Daniel and I prayed together tonight, our focus was on protection. That wherever this child ends up, the Lord will protect him/her and let him/her know how loved he/she is. Please pray this along with us! I know I haven't shared the name or even the gender of the baby, but again, God knows!

Both of our children are very excited about adding to our family through foster-to-adopt. They are both convinced we'll be adding a boy to our list of Bramlett kiddos. In fact, last night Ella and I were eating dinner together while Daniel and Riley were at a ministry event. I asked her if she would like for us to have a baby in the house. She, of course, said yes, because she adores babies (and a baby to her is any child younger than her - even if it's just a couple of months younger). I then asked if she wanted it to be a boy or girl. She sat and thought for a minute and said, boy! She then said, "Bring boy home?" I told her it wasn't up to me, but God had to decide if we'd get a boy or girl. I asked her if she wanted to pray and ask God for a boy. She said yes. I told her to go ahead and pray. She got quiet for a minute and then said, "BOY!" at the top of her lungs. I couldn't help but laugh! So precious and such the child-like faith that we all need! Again, only God knows! And I'm thankful!

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