#896 Model Mustang

Riley loves 1st grade! Adjusting to school last year was a bit of a struggle. He loved his teacher, and he made great friends. He really had a hard time getting used to going somewhere every single day and being there for 8 hours straight, though. He also experienced quite a bit of anxiety. We talked through what the Bible says about worry and how we should pray instead of being anxious, but it was very rough at times.

This year is totally different, praise God! He is having so much fun learning, and he's doing such a great job on his work. In fact, 2 weeks ago he was awarded the Model Mustang title in his class for the first 6 weeks! In order to be chosen for this award, you must be kind, helpful, listen well, have no conduct forms, and be a good student. Needless to say, Daniel and I were so proud when we found out! In our eyes, he'll always be a Model Mustang, but we're pretty biased :) It's nice to know others see that in him, too! We love you, Riley, and are so proud to be your parents!

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