The Legacy Continues

Well, we are carrying on the Bramlett name! IT'S A BOY!!! Daniel and I are SO excited! We both started crying when the lady doing the ultrasound told us. Not only is it a boy, but he's healthy! Praise the Lord! They showed us his heart and said everything looked great. We also saw the kidneys, spine, feet, hands (he even waved to us, which you'll see below!), brain, and so much more! I found myself praising God over and over as I lay there watching our son on the big screen. Pregnancy is such a HUMBLING experience! To think that the Lord would trust us with one of His creations...wow! I am so grateful and so completely dependent on Him for every aspect of raising a child! So, we no longer have to call him Baby Bean! He is a 13 ounce (bigger than I thought yesterday!) miracle! Here he is...

Profile of our sweet little boy!

Look at that hand! He's waving at us!

Cute little foot...that will probably grow into quite a large one since both of his parents have big feet!

Proof that it's a BOY! :)


  1. This post made me cry! You're right, it is such a humbling experience, you just wait until he is on the outside, it is awe inspiring! To look at this little life that God has made, it's unreal! We are so thrilled that C.J. will have a boy cuz to play with, they will have SO much fun terrorizing us!! We love you guys and are so happy for you!

  2. Yipppeeeee! Congratulations, Laura and Daniel. We are so thankful to hear your big news! Our regular computer won't work with our internet connection here so I don't have my bookmarks on this one but I had to find your blog to see if you knew what you were having yet :). So exciting. Love from Moz!