On the Road Again...

Apparently, March is the traveling month for the Bramlett's. The first weekend we were in Arkansas, and then this past weekend we drove from New Orleans to Cleveland, Ohio! Some of our friends, Jay and Lilian, recently took a pastorate at a church in the Cleveland area, and Daniel's old college roommate lives in Cleveland with his family, so we volunteered to drive Jay and Lilian's 4-runner up to Ohio. Their new church was gracious enough to cover our travel, so we enjoyed a fun, mini-vacation! We left Friday when I got off work and drove to Memphis where we spent the night at Lilian's mom's house. We woke up EARLY Saturday morning and hit the road for Cleveland! It was an 11-hour drive, but it went by so quickly because we were able to go through some very neat cities. First, there was Nashville, then Louisville, then Cincinnati (which I REALLY liked!), then Columbus, and finally Cleveland! Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures until we got to Cleveland, but here are a few from the weekend.

The skyline of Cleveland with Lake Erie in front of it

Daniel, Baby Bramlett, and I with Cleveland in the background

Daniel with Todd's, Daniel's college roommate, oldest son, Tate...he is a cutie!!

My turn to get a picture with the little man!

Jay and Lilian's new church...I don't know if you can read the sign, but it says "Welcome to our pastor Jay & Lilian Schroder." We're very excited for them, but will miss them greatly!

The church building

In baby news...we have a name for the little boy growing inside me! :) His name will be...

Riley Whitlow Bramlett

Both Riley and Whitlow are family names from Daniel's side. Riley is Daniel's middle name and also his grandmother's (on his dad's side) maiden name. Whitlow is the last name of his great-grandfather (Daniel looks SO MUCH like him!) who pastored for years in Arkansas and later served for 11 years as the Executive Director of the Arkansas Baptist Convention (S.A. Whitlow). So, this name is definitely very special to us, and we're so thankful to be able to pass on both Riley and Whitlow to our little man. We pray constantly that he will carry on the legacy of faith that began so long ago in Daniel's family. May Riley be a man of God who desires to see the nations come to know Christ, no matter the cost!

Well, Daniel will be home this weekend, but I'll be on the road (or really, in the air) going to visit my family in Maryland. My birthday present from my parents was to fly there and meet my nephew, C.J., who was born on January 9. Here's the latest picture of the adorable one that I cannot wait to hold!

I mean, I don't think he can get much cuter!! I am so excited about meeting him, and seeing my mom, dad, brother, and sweet sister-in-law! I'm sure I will have lots more to share next week when I get back from the latest traveling adventure!

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  1. First of all, I am so excited for you that you are having a boy! Second...I love the name!!!