Birthday Month!

Really this post will have nothing to do with my birthday, but it is the 2nd day of March and in 26 days I will enter my 3rd decade of life (I was re-reading this and noticed that really it's my 4th decade of life...that makes me seem even older!)...so hard to believe! It seems like just yesterday I was celebrating my 10th birthday with the most amazing birthday cake ever. My birthday fell on Easter that year, so my cake consisted of an Easter basket (filled with easter eggs) ice cream cake. Sure wish I had a picture of it to post on here!

Anyway, Daniel and I had a great weekend! This was the first in several weeks that he hasn't been working on his truck or some other project, so we were able to spend the whole day together on Saturday. Since meeting him, I've learned how to do so many new things, and this weekend was no different. You see, Daniel has desperately needed a haircut for the past month or so. He's tried trimming it on his own, but is definitely better at building things than styling hair, if you know what I mean! :) So, a couple of weeks ago we were at Big Lots (one of our favorite stores!) and he saw "Home Haircutting for Dummies." He was convinced that if we bought the kit, I could cut his hair and it would look like a professional cut! I wasn't quite as convinced, BUT I was so ready for some of that hair to be gone that I was willing to try anything! So Saturday afternoon we went to work. I wish I had taken a before picture. The most recent before pic. I have is from when Hannah was born and you can see it in this post. It took us about an hour to work out all the kinks, but here's a picture of the hair I cut off and then two pics of my new and improved man!

I'm pretty sure we could have made a wig out of all this hair!

The front turned out a little shorter than either of us expected, but we've grown to like it. Now I feel a little more confident about my hair-cutting skills, so if Baby Bean turns out to be a boy, maybe Laura's Hair Salon will have two clients! :)

I mentioned earlier that I've learned so many new things since meeting Daniel. Besides haircutting, I also learned a couple weeks ago how to stain wood. Several months ago my husband became very interested in wood-working. He started out small by making shelves to use in our other apartment and then a picture frame for my brother and sister-in-law for Christmas. I've always been impressed with his work, and the fact that he's taught himself along the way, but his latest project (which is almost complete) has blown the others out of the water! Just take a look for yourself...

Daniel made this china cabinet completely on his own! I stained the doors last weekend and helped him hang them, but other than that, it is all his handiwork! Almost all of the wood seen here was found all over the city. He only had to buy a couple pieces at Home Depot. All that's left to be done is to attach the handles to the front and latches on the inside of the doors so they'll stay closed. I am SO proud of my husband! I'm not sure I could have married a more talented man! Next project...BABY CRIB! That's right, Daniel is going to attempt to make the crib for our first-born. If all goes well, I think it will be one of the most treasured pieces of furniture we'll own! I'll keep you updated on the progress...


  1. HAHA! The haircut made me laugh, because we all know how Chad is and that he has to cut his own hair! You did a great job, Chad wouldn't let me touch his hair!! The china cabinet looks amazing! Great job Daniel!

  2. Very cool! What a talented couple you are!