Riley's Birthday

July 20, 2009…I like the sound of that!

That’s what I told the nurse when she asked if we had any plans the rest of Monday or Tuesday. We were taken to the labor & delivery floor where we talked with our doctor about our options. Originally she said she wanted to start an induction, but after checking to see if my body was ready for labor she told us we’d need to decide between induction and a scheduled c-section. She said if they tried to induce, I would probably be in labor for a very long time and then may end up needing a c-section in the end anyway. So, Daniel and I discussed it and decided that since Riley was in possible danger and I might end up needing a c-section anyway, we should go ahead and have one that day. So, around 4:00 pm I walked into the O.R. (yes, you read that right!) and the procedure began! Riley was born at 4:13 and I was back in the recovery room by 5:00. So, let me introduce our son…

Riley Whitlow Bramlett
Born July 20, 2009
6 lbs 1 oz
19.25 inches

And here are some more pics from the big event…

Waiting to go into the O.R.

Surprise! We get to meet our son today!

Excited and nervous daddy getting ready to come into the O.R.

Just minutes old and already praising the Lord! :) By the way, look at those hands!!!

My first time to see the precious boy up close

A small 6 lbs. 1 oz.!

My absolute favorite picture

We're going home today! Even though the outfit is WAY too big for him, daddy insisted he go home in his Arkansas Razorback onesie. :)

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