Fourth of July 2009

*I apologize for not updating our blog in almost 2 months! I’m going to attempt to back-track a little to bring you all up to speed.

Seeing as how I was 9 months pregnant when 4th of July came around this year, we decided it was best not to travel, but to stay in the city and celebrate with some close friends. We began the festivities by grilling out at Thomas and Amanda Hudson’s house. Here is the meat dish we contributed to the meal…

After a delicious dinner, we headed across the river to Algiers Point to watch the New Orleans “dueling barges” fireworks show. Every July 4th they place barges at two different locations on the Mississippi River and when the show begins, they shoot off the same fireworks at the same time. Before the show began this year, though, we had a ton of fun playing with some sparklers leftover from our wedding.

New Orleans skyline as the sun was setting

Resting after hiking up the levee!

Amanda and JT

Daniel having fun with sparklers

Amanda and JT get in on the action

And then we got creative!

And then the show began…

We had a wonderful 4th, and we’re so excited about next year when Riley will get to see the fireworks and not just hear them! :)

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