4 months - really?

I cannot believe that our boy is 4 months old! Yesterday was the big day, and Riley wanted me to show you what 4-month-old's do on their birthday...

They begin the day by relaxing in their pajamas in Daddy's chair

"Yeah, I'm a big boy!"

Then, they go to the doctor to find out just how big they are!
Riley's 4-month stats:
16 lbs. 12 oz. (95%)
27 inches (off the charts for his age!)

Daniel and I made a friendly wager regarding his weight and height. Whoever was closest (without going over, of course) got to pick out the flavor of ice cream we were going to purchase at the store post-doctor's visit. Who do you think won?!

Mommy won!!! I guessed 27 inches and 16.8 lbs. I was only off by 4 oz! I didn't exactly get to collect my winnings, though, because after we finished at the dr.'s it was time for the little one to eat, so he and I came home while daddy ran to the store. Daddy was good, though, because we now have CHOCOLATE ice cream in the freezer (low fat, of course!).

Minus the two shots he had to get soon after this picture, our sweet one had a great 4-month birthday! Can't believe how quickly he is growing! We love him so much and thank God for such a healthy baby!

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