Pumpkin Roll

Based on my last two posts, I thought it only appropriate to combine Pumpkin and Rolling. :) Ok, so really, it's just a coincidence that those two words are now combined in the title of this blog, but it sounded good, right?! Daniel really gets into cooking with pumpkin this time of year, and after signing us up to bring dessert to our church's Halloween gathering, he decided we should make something with pumpkin! Recipe of choice: Pumpkin Roll...yum! I had never made any type of "roll" (jelly, pumpkin, etc) before, so he took the lead on this endeavor. It turned out looking and tasting wonderful!

This one called for a few more ingredients than the last pumpkin encounter we had (and no, we did not include the Enfamil formula in the recipe...it's simply an egg holder)

The "roll" about to go in the oven

As soon as the roll is finished cooking (about 12 minutes), you dump it onto a towel with powdered sugar sprinkled on it. You then remove the wax paper it was sitting on in the pan and quickly roll it up in the towel

Hence the name, pumpkin roll :) It has to cool completely (takes about an hour) before you can do the next step

And for the filling...cream cheese (we used 1/3 less fat to make it a little healthier), 6 tbsp butter, 1 cup sifted powdered sugar, and 1 tsp vanilla

The twins waiting for the roll to cool completely

And here's the finished product! Let's just say, we only brought two pieces home with us after church that night!

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  1. Looks like a big round log of gooey goodness!