Christmas Tour 2009

We're leaving early in the morning for TX, but I was determined to blog about our Christmas road trip before February! :) Because it has been several weeks since we returned and there are other things to blog about tonight, too, I've decided to just give you some highlights from the trip. If you want to see pictures of our time touring the midwest, you can go here.

On our trip...
*Riley began eating baby food
*Riley's first 2 teeth popped out (one on Dec. 18 and the other on Jan. 2)
*We drove over 3500 miles in our 2001 Mercury Grand Marquis
*We were gone 26 days and drove in and out of 9 states (Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, and Kansas)
*We learned just how much we LOVE our Garmin GPS!
*Riley was completely spoiled by family and friends :)
*We learned that our car registers temperatures in the negative...it was FREEZING in Kansas City, and the morning we left, the car said it was -2 degrees.
*Riley experienced his first snow...and man was there a lot!
*Daniel received the call that a church wanted to pursue him as their next pastor!
*Riley grew out of most of his 6 month clothes...made for interesting times dressing him the last few days before we got home! :)
*We spontaneously decided to drive to Kansas City, MO to visit some of our best friends.
*I got my haircut! It had only been a YEAR since my last cut! Can you say split-ends?!
*Daniel's mom and I learned first-hand that Daniel is not a plumber!
*Daniel and I spent our 2-year anniversary at his brother's apartment eating take-out :) (don't worry, we celebrated the week before in Nashville, thanks to my sweet mother-in-law!)
*We were able to see countless family and friends and make memories that will last a lifetime! Thank you, Lord, for protecting us and providing a way for us to spend so much time sharing life with those we love. We will never forget the faces we saw and the good times that were had!

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