Half a year

Happy 6-month Birthday, Riley!!

What a sweet 6-month-old you are! Daddy and I love you more than we realized was ever possible! At this age, you have two bottom teeth and I think the top ones are not too far behind, you are rolling over both ways, sitting up with some assistance (your cute head sometimes causes you to lose your balance), talking up a storm, laughing, very ticklish (which makes you laugh even more!), trying to eat everything in sight, about to start trying some solid foods (tonight, in fact!), still taking 4 naps (and we are not complaining that you are such a good sleeper!), loving music - sometimes you even try to sing along, and causing people to smile when they look at your precious and friendly face!

It blows my mind that he is half a year old today! Where has the time gone?! You may wonder what Riley did to celebrate his big day. Well, it began with a fun trip to the doctor's office!

We found out that Riley is now 18 lbs 8 oz and a long 27.25 inches!

No 6-month visit is complete without a series of shots! Yay! So, he spent the last three days sad and sleepy because he had a fever (which the doctor believes was a virus since he saw some ulcers on the back of his throat today) and then the rest of today has been spent in the same way because he had shots! This is the first time shots have affected him negatively, but today he got the flu shot, so I think that may be what's causing him to be so cranky. That, and the fact that he missed one of his naps this morning while we were at the dr.'s office. Poor guy. He's such a sweet baby, so when he's constantly fussy and can hardly go an hour and a half before needing another nap, we know he's not feeling well. Tomorrow's a new day, and hopefully our fun-loving, energetic little man will be back in full force! So, it may not be the happiest of birthdays for Riley, but his mama and daddy sure are thankful the Lord created him and chose us to be his parents! We love you, sweet boy!

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