It's been 8 months?

It's so hard for me to believe that EIGHT months ago our sweet boy came into this world! What a whirlwind it's been! Riley-bug, you are absolutely a doll! Your daddy and I are so thankful the Lord chose to bless us with you. Here's some of the things going on in your life at the ripe old age of 8-months :)

*you still just have 2 teeth (bottom) ... I keep thinking the top two are coming any day now...
*you are a champion roller
*you can sit up on your own and have pretty good posture! :)
*you LOVE sweet potatoes and pears
*you're not such a fan of green beans, but paired with pears or applesauce you can choke them down
*you recently learned how to jump in your exersaucer and can be heard all over the house doing just that
*you can say dada, mama, goo, and many other words we're not too sure of
*you love to smile and I still tear up when I see you do it
*your daddy is already your hero and that makes my heart so happy
*you love music and just today started "dancing" when you hear it
*you love to be outside (daddy's really excited about this one!)
*you are an amazing blessing from the Lord, and we couldn't imagine our lives without you!

Thank you, Lord, for our sweet Riley. May he grow up to love and serve you with his whole being. Protect him as he grows, and guide us as we seek to parent him in a way that honors You.

Happy 8-month Birthday, Riley! We love you!


  1. I am a few days late but Happy 8 month birthday, Riley! Can't wait for you and Abigail to be able to play together again! :-)
    And Laura I can't believe he still sits in his baby bath tub! You are lucky for that one!

  2. Precious baby boy!! What a true blessing he is... even to see in photos or videos he makes my heart happy, just like his parents do! Love you guys and miss y'all dearly!