Swinging in PA

Riley experienced two "firsts" today. He rode in a swing for the first time as he was visiting the state of Pennsylvania for the first time (outside the womb!). My parents, brother, sister-in-law, nephew C.J., Riley and I went to Lancaster, PA for the day. We ate breakfast at Willow Valley and then headed out to their playground for a short photo shoot with the boys.

The cousins swinging

Me and my boy

"This is fun, mom!" If we hadn't been hurrying to get to the outlets to shop, I think he would have enjoyed swinging for longer. We're going to have to see about getting a swing for our backyard...
The boys

It's still hard for me to believe sometimes that my brother and I both have children. What a blessing these two boys are!

And because every blog is better with a little live action, here's a short video of the swinging experience...

Well, Daniel survived his class in New Orleans and is currently on his way back to Texas. Riley and I sure are missing him! Riley hasn't said it in so many words, but I know he's wondering where in the world his daddy has gone. I'm so thankful for this time we can spend with my family, but I will be SO relieved to see my sweet husband again! He truly is my other half, and I just don't feel complete when we're apart. I mean, I know I'm always complete in Christ, but you know what I mean... :) I think being apart every now and then is good for a relationship, though, because it reminds you just how much you appreciate and love the other person. I've had a lot of time to think about that this week, and I really can't imagine wanting to spend my life with anyone else besides Daniel Riley Bramlett! I know you never read this blog, babe, but on the off-chance you decide to one day, I love you forever! See you in 75 hours!

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