HSHS Graduation

Last night Daniel, Riley and I attended the Hughes Springs High School graduation. Several of our seniors from church were graduating, so it was important to us to be there to support them. My high school had about 1200 students in it, and there were 365 in our graduating class. The HSHS Class of 2010 consisted of 68 students. :) Another reminder that we are living in a small town! It was such a great ceremony, though. Clay, one of our very active seniors in the youth group, was the Salutatorian, and he gave an incredible speech to welcome everyone. He was very open about his faith and challenged all of the seniors to live for Christ daily and seek His will for their lives. We were so proud of him! After they were official graduates, the whole class walked out to the middle of the football field and threw their hats. The audience was then invited to come down on the field to congratulate the graduates. It was such a neat time, and we were able to see a lot of people from church. Here are some pics from the event...

Sweet Mary - one of our seniors from FBC

Clay giving his speech

HSHS Class of 2010

I found myself wondering during the graduation if maybe one day we'll be sitting there watching Riley graduate from HSHS...only the Lord knows!

Dustin is one of our FBC seniors, and he's headed to BAYLOR in the fall! Sic 'em Bears!

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