Africa, Here I Come!

Well, tomorrow's the big day when I say goodbye to my two favorite males and board a plane for Florida. I will eventually end up in Africa, but I have to go through Florida first. I'll spend the night in Jacksonville with some friends and then head out on Friday. We'll leave Friday afternoon, fly through Atlanta and on to Johannesburg, arriving Saturday night at 5 pm (their time...10 am CST). I was hoping to write about Riley's birthday before leaving, but the days got away from me. I'll have to backtrack when I return.

I would greatly appreciate any and all prayers you are willing to offer while I'm gone! Please pray specifically for my health and the health of the baby, that I will allow God to strengthen me daily, that I will stay in the Word remembering why I'm in Africa, that I will allow Him to do everything through me, that I will remember quickly how to drive there, that Riley will adjust well to my being gone, and for strong team unity (I will be going with 7 other women from Florida). Thank you so much for being willing to lift me up during this time. I could not go if it weren't for the support of my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. I can't wait to share with you all that HE has done in and through our team! See you in a couple weeks!

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  1. Hey friend!!! I am so excited for you! I pray that the Lord will do His thing there through y'all and in y'all just like He loves to to bring Himself glory! Enjoy!!!