Indoor fun

We have had a lot (and I mean a lot!) of rainy, chilly days lately. I'm not complaining about the rain because after the drought we had last year, I will never complain about rain! However, it does present some issues when one is at home all day with a 2.5 year old. One day last week Riley asked to play with his play dough. I pulled it out and it was very dry and impossible to form into anything. So, I turned on the computer and pulled up the trusty Pinterest site. I typed in "homemade playdough," and found this recipe. It was so easy to make and Riley loves playing with it!

The first batch - green
Helping pour in the ingredients
My resident stir-er (he loves to stir anything!)

Playing with the green while waiting for the red to cool (we also made blue but I didn't take any pictures of it for some reason)

Inspecting the red
I made him a car (as best as my minimal artistic ability would allow) and he was so excited about it! Now every time I pull out the play dough he says, "Make me a car, Mama!" Such a sweet boy!
Yes, he's a boy...he did this one all on his own
I'm definitely looking forward to the day when the sun decides to shine again, but I'm thankful for times like this when I can have indoor fun with my special little man.


  1. Hey Laura, we made the same playdough this week! I read somewhere that you could use a packet of Koolaid powder for color and a fun smell, so we did and it turned out great! I actually just wrote Jason's mom and asked her to send more Koolaid in her next package, so we can make more colors/flavors. I love keeping up with your sweet family on here! :)

    1. Hey Beth! Thanks for the tip about the play dough! How fun! We will definitely have to try that sometime. Are you still writing on your blog? Miss y'all!

    2. Well, we've moved.:) We started a new blog at jasonbethandco.blogspot.com. Check it out.:)