"Sing with us guys!"

We're working on a song in choir called Luke 4:18 by Dennis Jernigan. Daniel is singing the solo, so we've been listening to the song quite a bit the last few weeks at our house. I knew Riley was learning one part of the song that's repetitive, but I didn't realize he'd memorized other parts of it. Yesterday when I was making lunch I was singing some of it and he corrected me when I sang the wrong word! Last night at dinner he busted out with the first part of the chorus, and Daniel and I were shocked!

In case you're wondering, what he said in the middle of the song was "Sing with us, guys!" Ha! We sure are amazed by this little guy's memory! Praying that these words will take root in his heart and one day he really will live out the words of Luke 4:18.


  1. Wow, Laura, what a sweet little heart he has. :) Pretty incredible!

  2. Laura, He is a darling. What a great little singer. I see a future children's choir soloist in Riley. Bless his little heart.