Homecoming Date

I told Daniel a couple of weeks ago that I really wanted some alone time with Riley. I realized that since sweet Ella came on the scene, I either have both of the children, or Riley is with his daddy. I never get one-on-one time with my little man.

Last night the opportunity presented itself! We had originally planned to go to the Hughes Springs homecoming football game as a family. However, at 6:45 last night (we were planning on leaving around 7:00), when Ella was super fussy and her nose was running, we thought it might not be the best idea to get her out in the chilly night air and chance any kind of sickness right before leaving for vacation (another post about that soon). I assumed I would stay home with the little lady while the boys went to the game. But then, my awesome husband (who isn't much of a sports fan, anyway), looked at me and said, "I'll stay home with her. You take Riley." I've learned not to question those moments. Just accept them when they come and thank Jesus. :)

So, Riley and I headed for the football field!

He was ready to support the Mustangs in his Mustang football shirt :)

The team runs down the bleachers out onto the field before every game. We were sitting right beside the aisle they run down. I wish you could have seen Riley's face as the 'big' football players were heading to the field! "Awe" would be a good word to describe it!
Here they are warming up a little before the game began.

I had the most handsome date there!

The coin toss

Going into halftime the score was 48 - 0 (Hughes Springs). We felt confident heading home then.

But not before we got a picture with the mighty Mustang! This statue is in honor of a student who died about 4 years ago while practicing with the football team.
Do you see the red football in Riley's hand? That is his most prized possession today (I say today because every day it changes). We were sitting with the Superintendent of schools and his family, and at one point he disappeared for a few minutes. When he returned, he handed this football to Riley. It says, "Mustang football" on it. Riley was beyond elated!

After we got home and the cutie was tucked safely in bed, I found out on Facebook that the Mustangs won 61 - 0. Our high school team is SO good this year! I wonder if they'll still be good when Riley-man runs out on that field as a Mighty Mustang! ;)

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