The time has come

How are these 4 pictures related?

The Bramlett family will be on our way to seeing these places in less than 24 hours.
That's right - it's VACATION TIME!

And oh, how we need it! The past few months have been BUSY and a bit very stressful. It is time to get away, unwind, and relax (as much as possible with 2 kiddos ages 3 and almost a year old).

I'm super excited about going to Florida, staying at the beach, and visiting Disney World and Sea World. But, what gets me even more excited is that these 3 will be with us part of the time!

My brother, Chad, sister-in-law, Jill, and nephew, C.J. are driving down from Maryland to spend part of the week with us! I hate admitting this, but we haven't seen them since (cough, cough) March 2010. The boys were 8 months (Riley) and a little over a year (CJ). So, I'm thinking their time together this next week might be a little more action-packed than it was 2.5 years ago! I can't wait to see them playing together!

We won't have internet access where we're staying (of which, I am kind of thankful!), but no worries...lots of pictures to come after our return! Here's to a fun, safe, RELAXING week!

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