Center stage

Today was our last day at Community Bible Study for 2012. We'll start back again in January, but the last day before Christmas they always have the children sing some songs for the mama's and grandma's. 2 years ago, when we had just started attending CBS, Riley went on stage with his class, saw me on the front row attempting to take pictures, and immediately walked off the stage crying and ran into my arms. Last year he did much better, but didn't sing much. Just kind of looked around taking it all in.

Apparently, he is quite comfortable with being in the spotlight now because today he did SO well! I videoed the whole thing for the grandparent's sake (so if you're not a grandparent, I will not be offended if you skip this 3-minute video). Riley's in the middle of the stage just behind the older lady sitting on the floor. Enjoy watching our little man perform!

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