Christmas Eve Video 2012

If you somehow missed the Christmas Eve video recorded last year, take a look at this...


Daniel chose not to invite the kiddos on stage tonight (wonder why!), so Riley sat with me, Ella & Ya Ya while Daddy spoke. Soon after Daniel went on stage, Riley leaned over and in his loudest "whisper" said, "When this is over, can I go up there?" I shook my head yes, and he anxiously sat through the rest of the 25-minute service waiting for his time to shine. 

After the service, Ella and I walked around talking to people. I totally forgot about Riley wanting to go on stage until someone said, "Look! He's preaching!" I turned around and saw my 3-year-old standing on a chair at the podium 'preaching.' 

This sweet little girl (Maci), danced around at his feet while he preached. I told her mom we had a preacher and a song leader!

Possibly one of my favorite pictures ever

And just in case you were hoping there'd be a video...no worries, there is!

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  1. This is hilarious, Laura! Love that boy!! Merry Christmas to y'all!!