#940 - Their Daddy

Love Him!

My favorite three in their Peruvian shirts

As long as I can remember, I've wanted to be a mother. I would try and picture myself as a mother and what my kids might be like. I was thinking about it today, though, and the funny thing is I never tried to picture what the father of my children would be like. And I'm thankful I didn't. There is no way in this world I would have gotten it right! You know the verse that talks about God giving us more than we could ever ask or imagine? Yeah, that's what happened when He gave me Daniel. I am not only in awe of him as a husband, but wow, what a daddy!! He is SO patient with our kiddos, and often times, I am SO not! He can make them both laugh with very little effort. He loves to spend time snuggled up reading to them. He knows (most of the time) when to jump in and take over for a worn-out mama. But most of all, he has a deep desire to show them Who Christ is and teach them what it means to be a follower. I love hearing him seize so many moments and use them as teaching opportunities. I love that he tears up when someone mentions his children and the responsibility he has as a father. I am so thankful that we get to walk this parenting road together. He teaches, encourages, challenges, and supports me. I love you, Daniel!

 (Peruvian-dressed daddy & kids sitting under a picture of one of Daniel's favorite places in Peru!)

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