#937 - Blueberries!

Greer Farm

We have lived in Hughes Springs for 3.5 years now, and just the other day I heard for the first time about a farm only 10 miles away where you can pick blueberries & blackberries. How have I not known about this before?? I 'liked' them on Facebook recently, so I've been watching their updates about when is the best time to pick. The next few weeks are the best. I knew a family trip was in order - and soon!
It's a bit difficult to get my husband out of bed on Saturday mornings (really, every morning, but especially Saturdays when he doesn't usually have anywhere he has to be). Yesterday was even worse because of the past two weeks he's survived walked through. So, I worked extra hard to wake him up and by 8:30 a.m. we were out the door. Yay! 

It didn't take Riley long to spot the blackberries!

This little girl is ready to pick!

She caught on very quickly!

Hard at work

There were over 30 rows of fruity goodness!

We found some huge blueberries!

One adorable blueberry-picker

She and I were partners and the boys were partners. Keep scrolling down to see who picked the most.

dropped one!

Sweet girl holding one

When we were driving to the farm at 8:30, it was already 82 degrees outside. Poor girl was dripping with sweat (she sweats like me!) by the time we were finished. Air condition and cold water were just what she needed!

Okay, here's mine and sister's pile (about 3 lbs)

And here is Daniel & Riley's (honestly, mostly Daniel's - Riley pretty much just talked the whole time and tried to play blueberry basketball). About 6 lbs. Boys won!

Washed, dried and ready to go in the freezer!

Such a fun family outing! I'm thinking about going back again before this season is over. All of these blueberries were just $20 ($3.25 per lb)! Thank you, Lord, for fresh fruit and cheap, productive family fun!

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