#941 - My Daddy

Thankful for Him

If you ever wondered who my biggest fan was, take a look at the man standing beside me in the picture above. I was reminded this afternoon when I called to wish him a Happy Father's Day just how much he loves me. Sundays are busy for us. (side note: I feel as though pastor's and their families should get to move major holidays that fall on a Sunday to another day of the week - I've seen my hubby and the father of my children a total of 2 hours today, one of which was during the worship service - because he's fulfilling pastor-type duties) So, I didn't have a chance to call until about 5:30 (6:30 his time). When he heard my voice on the phone, though, you would have thought I was the president calling. He seemed so excited and kept telling me how good my voice sounded. And he's always been this way. He loves both my brother and I unconditionally, and he's always quick to say those three important words. I am thankful not only for a father who loves me, but for a father who loves and serves our Heavenly Father! Dad, you taught me at an early age the importance of commitment and loyalty to our God. Thank you so much for instilling those values in me! Thank you for modeling what it means to be a servant. You wouldn't just give the shirt off your back for someone, you'd give your right and left arms if they needed them! :) I love you, and I'm thankful God chose you to be my daddy!

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