Sweet Hannah Kate

Our friends, Shawn and Lesley Branscum, were expecting their first child this past week. Hannah Kate was due on Friday, February 20 (or so we thought...really she was due on the 14th, which we found out later, but that's a whole different story). Saturday night we got the call that Lesley was in labor and would probably be heading to the hospital soon. We told them from the get-go that we would be there to support them through the whole thing, so Daniel and I prepared to spend a night in the waiting room of the hospital. They went to the hospital around 11 pm and we waited a while so they could get checked in and arrived around 1:00 am. Soon after we got there and saw them, Daniel set up his "bed" in the waiting room and conked out. I, on the other hand, was way too excited to sleep! I played Phase 10 with another friend, Amanda, and then when she left at 3, I attempted to get comfortable and get some rest. Around 4:45 Shawn came out and asked if I'd like to be in the room when Hannah was born (Lesley's parents were in route from Richmond and wouldn't arrive until 10:00 that morning) and take pictures. I, of course, said "yes!" and we headed back to the room for the big moment. Hannah Kate was born at 6:21 am, weighing 6.8 lbs and measuring 20.5 inches...long, slender baby! Here are some of the pics I took soon after her arrival.

Just a couple minutes old

Proud parents

Lovin' on Hannah

Looking up at me and blowing bubbles...how adorable is she?!

I love her already!

Meeting Uncle Daniel for the first time

I've never seen a child-birth before, and it was one of the most amazing experiences I've had in life so far! It truly is a miracle! A friend asked me last night if it got me excited about our baby's birth or if it scared me. It definitely excited me! Ok, not the whole pain thing or pushing, but the end result! To see Shawn and Lesley with Hannah just minutes after her birth was incredible! I can't wait for Daniel and I to meet and hold our little one for the first time. So, since I was already in the baby mood, and because some people had asked to see pics of me, I asked Daniel to take my first "prego" pic last night. His response..."but there's nothing to see!" So I'm not showing a whole lot, but there's definitely a baby bump there! Here I am at 17 weeks and 4 days...
The world may not be able to see Baby Bean growing inside me, but I definitely can! Hopefully in the weeks to come this "bump" will become even more noticeable and pronounced. Don't worry, I'll continue to post pictures for you to see...against my husband's will. :)


  1. Cute baby bump Laura!! :) You look great!

    ~Jennifer Closson

  2. Ok, there is DEFINITELY a bump there! I used to get so aggravated when people said, "you're not even showing yet!!" I used to think, well I know there is something there! Augh! You look absolutely adorable! I hope you are feeling better!! I love and miss you, can't WAIT to see you in a few weeks!